30W T5 LED 1200mm Vegetation Spectrum IP41

Note: Power Cord sold separately, however, order two or more fixtures and get FREE power cord.


Easy to install 30W T5 LED fixture with tube built-in for easy field installation per Indoor agricultural hydroponic projects, both in residential or commercial use. Cut your power costs in half from standard hydroponic lighting while allowing the LEDs to be placed against the plants from all corners to allow evenly light absorption to eliminate dead branch development on lower sections of the plant. The color kelvin temp/nano wavelengths are designed to maximize Seedling / Vegetation / Microgreen-Herbs Growth stages. See our Flower / Fruiting 15W T5 LED Fixture as well. Place up to (48) fixtures vertically on (1) 20-amp circuit to allow up to (96) Microgreen trays or (12) large bush-type nightshade plants to receive full light absorption from all sides, top to bottom. Or place fixtures horizontally on shelving racks to illuminate below surface grow trays for leafy greens or side mount horizontally to illuminate vine growth across the shelf. Easy to wipe clean when maintenance is needed. Clear cover allows full light luminous exposure. Ask about our Grow Trays and Grow Racks.






30W T5 LED 1200mm Vegetation Spectrum IP41

  • 30W LED T5 Integrated 4ft Tube & Fixture In One Always 2-Day Priority Mail

    SMD2835, 360pcs, Ra80, ETL/C/DLC/TUV Listed Lumen: 1800Lm5%

    Color 4/1 ratio: Cool White 80% (625-645nm), Warm White 10% (440-460nm), Natural White 10% (645-485nm) for Seedling and Vegetation Growth

    Great for Microgreens-Herbs Indoor Farming or under canopy growth.