Small In-Line UV Sterilizer

• Ultraviolet disinfection technology is very expeditious in destroying bacteria. 
UV energy can destroy bacteria and virus in just about 1-5 seconds. In order to reach the same disinfection effect, it costs about 30 minutes or more contact time by use other chemical methods (Chlorine, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide).


• Comprehensive range of disinfection. 
Ultraviolet disinfection technology has been widely applied for efficiently destroying pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and virus. 


• No secondary pollution.
Since no chemical is added, ultra violet filtration will not cause secondary pollution for water and environment.


• Occupied small space.
Occupied small space and easy assembly enable UV equipment to be installed at the place near water and power source. The UV water sterilizer starts working after connecting the inlet and outlet of the UV water sterilizer and powering up.

Small In-Line UV Sterilizer