Las Vegas Showroom Facility highlighting microgreens, herbs, and leafy lettuce research and development.


Double Root Zone developed plant seedling to reduce the sulfate and/or phosphorus depletion of calcium when in contact in the root zone. Developed by Joe Garza during propagation stage. Growth of branches from main stem were double in number of sister seedlings and twice as fast. Nightshade watermelon “Side Kick” male pollinator. March 2016


Forced flower regeneration process mastered by a combination of light spectrum and nutrient phosphorus alterations. This process was utilized to convert this annual plant into a perennial plant for multiple harvest periods.


Cucumber growth stage development monitored during the process of conversion from annual to perennial habitat within the forced flower regeneration process, proving crop yield increases can be engaged from computer climate control processes.

Indoor Cascade and Centennial hops developed from rhizome with electro-culture mV charge to stimulate out of dormancy growth.    


Future research at Robofarm will conclude on the replacement of pesticides and fungicides with the use of electronics utilizing shortwave patterns that resemble the resonant frequency of the targeted pests and amplifying the shortwave to the 11th harmonic balance to eliminate the pests in the facility by affecting it's black body shell. Ion generators will be deployed to replace fungicides. Many naturalists have been major influence in our studies.